Welcome to Hullzapoppin' 2015

Dearest Friends,
We have just received the unexpected and horrible news that the Home of Hullzapoppin', the wonderful Endseigh Centre, is looking set to close in 9 weeks time. While no official decision has been made as to the fate of the venue, all groups using the centre have been asked to make alternative arrangements as of April. As we only discovered this this afternoon, we're currently weighing our options; if we aren't able to use the Endsleigh this year, the we're looking at urgently seeking a replacement venue of a similar standard in the area and will keep everyone updated as we proceed.

However, we are not prepared to downgrade or run an inferior event and will only continue if the event promises to be of the quality you've come to expect from us.

To prevent leaving things up in the air for too long we will have a definite decision either way on Hullzapoppin 2015 by this Monday coming (the 26th), when bookings are/were due to open....
thank you for you patience and support, and wish us luck!

Team Hullzapoppin' xxx